What is a DDoS Attack and how to deal with this phenomenon

In today’s world, where business is conducted in conditions of fierce competition, sometimes the owners of Internet resources resort to not entirely honest methods of attracting the target audience. Such methods include DDoS Attack – bringing down the server by sending a huge number of requests. The server “falls” because it cannot withstand excessive load. However, there are several methods of combating cyber attacks.

The most common methods of protection against DDoS Attack

In order to carry out a cyber-attack, it is necessary to perform a whole set of measures to identify weak points in the network, analyze it, and apply social engineering. DDoS attacks are usually used to knock a resource out of search engines. Ways to repel DDoS attacks  https://www.akamai.com/solutions/industries/financial-cdn-services exist, but they do not provide 100% protection against them.

• Work on prediction. Some resources are more susceptible to attack due to the specific nature of the activity (for example, religious or social organizations). In such cases, it is better to work on predicting intervention.
• Increase in computing power. If the resource is often attacked, it is worth installing a powerful server. It will be able to detect artificial requests in the initial stages and resist longer.
• Redirection of hostile traffic in the reverse direction. If there is a powerful server, the attack will spread to the attackers themselves.
• Distribution of active servers and their duplication. One part of the resources will work if the other fails.
• Filtering secondary requests and rejecting them. This is not easy to do, the method does not always become effective.

Should you use DDoS protection services?

Uninterrupted website operation is extremely important for large businesses. This ensures the image of the company and stable earnings. Even a small simple resource leads to loss of income and disabling of the site for a long time. Partnerships and customer trust suffer from attacks.

To protect yourself from attacks, you should contact companies that provide services for complete protection against third-party interference. Cooperation with professionals allows
• get simultaneous multi-level filtering and network monitoring;
• see statistical data and coordinate the portal;
• operate protection parameters;

Cyber ​​attack protection from professionals is equally effective for large and small companies. A large business should order the service on an ongoing basis, as traffic will be analyzed around the clock.

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