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Where will Christmas trees be sold in Lviv

Lviv community will have 23 places for official trade in conifers. Christmas trees will be sold from December 4, 2023 to January 1, 2024, and can be found in every district of the city.

The official list of places for trade in conifers was approved today, November 14, at a meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council.

List of places for pre-New Year’s retail sale of conifers

Halytskyi district:

1. str. Voloska (near the “Stryskyi” market);

2. str. Stara, 3 (near Arsen shopping center);

3. sq. Soborna, 12 (near the “Halytskyi” market).

Railway district:

1. str. E. Paton, 4/1;

2. str. S. Petliury, 11 (near the market of LLP “Lyubinske syaivo”);

3. str. Shiroka – str. Ya. Hnizdovskyi (near the market of “Yarmarok” LLC);

4. town Rudne, str. Myru (“Zymna Voda” railway station).

Lychakiv district:

1. str. Solodova, 4 (near the “Vynnykivskyi” market);

2. str. Poliska, 2 (near the market of “Halytske Perehrestya” LLP);

3. str. Lychakivska, 160 – str. Juniper;

4. Vinnyky, st. Halytska, 35.

Sykhiv district:

1. str. Syhivska, 16-A (near “Zamok” LLP);

2. Ave. Chervonoi Kalina, 36 (in front of the “Shuvar” shopping center).

Frankivskyi district:

1. str. Volodymyr Veliky, 59-B;

2. str. Knyagini Olga, 112 (near Provesin Yu. M. M. LLP);

3. str. Naukova, 29-A (near “Fest-West” LTD LLC).

Shevchenkiv district:

1. str. I. Velichkovsky, 8;

2. str. Haydamatska, 9-A (near Volodar shopping center);

3. str. Hetman I. Mazepa, 11 – str. Pylyp Orlyk (opposite the market “Topolya-1” LLC);

4. str. B. Grinchenko, 4-B (near the market of PP “Kholm”);

5. str. T. Shevchenko, 360-364 (near the market of FG “Yaroslava”);

6. Ave. V. Chornovola, 67-A (near the market “Stariy Lytsar” LLP LTD);

7. town Bryukhovychi, str. V. Ivasyuka, 1.ii, when the driver was leaving the stop.

The woman was hospitalized in the hospital of St. Luke the First TMO, she is currently being operated on.

“The driver was leaving the stop. The woman was running across the road directly in front of the bus, outside the crossing. The bus “hit” the woman, she fell. The speed was slow, as the bus was just starting to move. The driver reacted quickly, so he did not run over the woman, but she got under the front of the bus. The victim was taken out from under the vehicle and an ambulance was called,” said the ATP-1 LC.

According to the information of the transport department, the circumstances and causes of the accident are being investigated by the investigative and operational team of the police.

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