Bohdan Penyuk, a resident of Velyki Mosty, died in the Luganshchyna district

Heavy news for the Velykomostiv community. Today we received a message about the death of another Hero whose life was cut short by war.

The sad news was reported by the Velyki Mosty City Council.

On 12 May, 2024, during a combat mission, near the village Kovalivka, Luhansk region, Sergeant Penyuk Bohdan Vasyl’ovych, born in 1974, a resident of the city Velyki Mosty, died.

He was a courageous and brave warrior. Until his last breath, he defended his country from the enemy occupier. We remember each of our Defenders and understand the price that the Ukrainian people pay for a peaceful future.

We express our sincere condolences to the family: wife Halyna and daughter Mariia, the Hero’s mother Oleksandra Vasylivna, and his sisters and their families.

We grieve with you and share the pain of your loss. We will inform you about the time of the meeting of the Hero’s body and the rite of burial later. May he rest in peace!

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