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Lviv weathercocks festival continues in Lviv: programme

On 11-12 May, Lviv will host the Lviv Weathercocks festival. The programme includes performances by famous bands and educational events for different audiences. “The ticket price will be a voluntary contribution to support the Ukrainian military.

This year, the iconic city festival, which has a long history (since 2003), will be a little different, appropriate to the time and the state we live in. There will be lyrics, Ukrainian poetry in music, and a bit of drive. There will be events of different nature and for different audiences – adults and children.

The festival will start on Saturday, 11 May, at 10:00 a.m. with the traditional format of the festival – waking up with the band Mertvy Piven. The evening programme of the same day will include Ukrainian poetry by Pirig i Batih and Three Steps into the Night, and punk rock by Beton.

This year, due to security measures, the event will take place not in the courtyard of the City Hall, as it used to be, but at a new venue – Markiyan Ivashchyshyn’s Backyard. It is symbolic that it will be in this back alley, as the project was founded by the Dzyga artistic association headed by Markiyan.

Weathercocks 2024 programme

11 May, Saturday

  • 10:00 _ Waking up with the Dead Rooster. Hosted by Andriy Zholob (Markiyan Ivashchyshyn’s Backstage)
  • 12:00 _ Military Band of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy (Rynok Square)
  • 18:00 _ Lecture by researcher Bohdana Tkachuk on the phenomenon of festivals in times of war (Zakapelok by Markiyan Ivashchyshyn)
  • 18:30 _ Three Steps into the Night band and poetry reading by Sofia Lenartovych (Zakapelok Markiyan Ivashchyshyn)
  • 19:15 _ Lecture-introduction by Maria Pigura, Head of Lviv – the European Youth Capital 2025 Office, on the importance of the European Youth Capital status for Lviv (Markiyan Ivashchyshyn’s Zakapelok)
  • 19:30 _ Band “Beton” (Markiyan Ivashchyshyn’s backyard)
  • 20:30 _ Pyrig i Batih band (Zakapelok Markiyan Ivashchyshyn)

12 May, Sunday

13:00_Stage performance “Dzheregelia. by the First Theatre. The ritual of calling spring (Zakapelok by Markiyan Ivashchyshyn). Admission is free for children and their parents. The performance is recommended for children from 10 years old.

The festival is organised by the Institute for Cultural Strategy and the NGO Armenian 35, with the support of the Lviv City Council, Kredobank and Lviv Croissants.

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