FC Danish Textile enters the 1/8 finals of the E. Just Memorial for the first time

March 3, Sunday, 1/16 finals of the E. Just Memorial

“Danish Textiles” (Sokal) – “Legion” (Stilsko) – 4: 2

DT: S. Shapoval (R. Reshko, 46), N. Zamorsky, A. Zaloga (D. Lipar, 46), S. Balyas, T. Musiy
(V.Kushnir, 65), V.Hnatyshyn (M.Antoniuk, 78), P.Melnychuk, R.Tsarynsky, T.Kotkevych (S.Matveev, 75, V.Khrushch, 81), N.Mukha (D.Lysenko, 56), V.Prykhidko

Goals as part of DT: Prykhidko (59, 81 with penalty), Kotkevych (67), Balyas (89)

As expected, Legion proved to be a pretty good team in this game, playing combination football. In the course of the match, the Sokal team was down 1-2, but still won a well-deserved victory. The turning point in the game was in the 80th minute, when Serhiy Matveev earned a penalty at the cost of his own injury. Vasyl

Prykhidko, as always, scored from the eleven-meter point, making a double in this game.

We would like to note the reliable actions of FC Danish Textile goalkeeper Roman Reshko.

Press service of FC Danish Textile

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