Football players of the Lviv Professional College of Sports will play at the summer World Gymnasium in China

During March, the VI Summer Gymnasiade of Ukraine took place, the purpose of which is to stimulate the development of physical culture and sports among students of general secondary education institutions and to facilitate preparation for the summer World Gymnasiade (ISF Gymnasiade 2024, U-18).

The teams competed first at the all-Ukrainian zonal stages, and then at the final stage among the winners of the zones.

During the zonal stage, the team of the Lviv Professional College of Sports (coaches: Pavlish Taras and Rodin Oleg) played the following matches:

UFC-Karpaty – DYUSH “Rukh” – 3:0

UFC-Karpaty – national team of Volyn region – 1:1

UFC-Karpaty – Mykolaiv Oblast national team – 9:1

On Monday, March 18, the final stage of the Gymnasium-2024 began, where Lviv Oblast was represented by the team of the Lviv Professional College of Sports – students of the eleventh grade of UFC-Karpaty U-17.

In the first match of the group stage, the “green and white” defeated the team of Sumy region with a score of 6:0 thanks to doubles by Ihor Hrybenyk and Yuriy Kokodyniak, as well as goals by Artur Komarenyts and Denys Malysh.

Our team was supposed to play the next match against the national team of Chernivtsi region, but this team did not come to the capital, so the game did not take place.

Later, the Lviv team lost to the Kyiv school “Dynamo”, which represented the Kyiv region in these competitions, with a score of 0:3, but passed on.

In the semi-finals, our students defeated a principled and well-known opponent in the zonal competition – the Volyn Oblast team 1:0 thanks to a goal by Denys Malysh from the penalty spot.

In the final match, the wards of Taras Pavlish and Oleg Rodin played again against Kyiv “Dynamo” and defeated them with a score of 2:0. The goals were scored by Ihor Hrybenyk and Artur Komarenyts.

The students of the college represented the national team of the Lviv region:

Fandist Vladyslav, Domchak Nazar, Yury Kokodyniak, Chernenko Yehor, Grabovenskyi Nazar, Komarenyts Artur, Reznik Vladyslav, Malysh Denys, Oroshkevich Bohdan, Smaglii Maksym, Maksymchuk Anton, Hrybenyk Ihor, Tlumak Maksym, Dmytryshyn Taras, Bondaruk Denys, Shopronku Oleksandr, Pylypchuk Danylo , Fostyak Ivan, Hudz Maksym, Zhulinskyi Mark.

The senior coach of the football department of the College of Sports is the Honored Coach of Ukraine Vitaliy Serhiyovych Lobasiuk.

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