A friendly football match was held between teams from Tartakov and Zhvyrka

FSC Tartakiv – FSC Bug Zhvirka 2-2. Goals: Maxim Musiy, Serhiy Pylypchuk.

A friendly match that matched the intensity of emotions of the championship matches, and at times even more so.

In the first half, we managed to lead the game with the first goal and take more initiative, despite the appearance of young performers in the start, each of them successfully entered the game and showed their best qualities.

Maksym Musiy scored the first goal of the match, putting the team ahead with a header at the far post. Tartakov’s team also took advantage of their moment to equalize in the first half.

The teams went into the break tied 1-1.

The second half was played at a more relaxed pace, but the amount of struggle did not decrease. Each team tried to take control of the ball and then create chances in positional attacks.

In one of these attacks, in which Ihor Hudko struck a shot on goal, Serhiy Pylypchuk made a successful finish, putting Bug ahead again. But almost in the next attack, Tartakiv scored a goal in response, and the score was 2-2. Given the intensity of the match, both teams wanted to score a goal to win the match, but unfortunately, none of our chances resulted in a goal.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Next week the team is resting, and then a friendly game is planned before the start of the championship

Press service of FC Bug

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