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Lviv region increased winter barley sowing by 3%

In the Lviv region, early grain crops continue to be harvested, in particular winter barley.

Harvesting of early grain crops as of July 15. Farms of all categories of the region harvested winter barley on an area of ​​9.6 thousand hectares (4.2% of the entire area sown with early grain crops), threshed 63.9 thousand tons of grain, yield – 66.7 tons/ha.

The entire winter barley sowing area is 22.8 thousand hectares, increased by 600 hectares compared to last year.

Agricultural enterprises threshed 8.2 thousand hectares of winter barley (41.9% before sowing), collected 55.3 thousand tons of grain with a yield of 67.6 tons/ha. During the same period last year, 23.8% of winter barley sown areas were harvested, and the yield was lower by 2.4% (66.0 t/ha).

“This year’s crops of winter barley are more than last year’s by almost 3%. So far, we are ahead of last year’s indicators in terms of harvesting rates and yield of this crop, and we hope for satisfactory harvests of other crops,” Tetyana Hetman, director of the department of agro-industrial development of the regional state administration, commented on the progress of field work.

Chervonogradsky district leads the ranking of winter barley sowing areas, in which the area before harvesting is 6.4 thousand hectares (a third of the entire sowing area in the region). To date, 62% of the sown area of ​​this crop (4.0 thousand ha) has already been harvested in the district, the average yield is 60 t/ha.

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