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A resident of Lviv region was sentenced to 5 years behind bars for depravity and production of pornography

According to the public indictment of the prosecutors of the Zhovkiv District Prosecutor’s Office, a local resident was found guilty of depraving a minor girl, making and distributing pornographic images (Part 2 of Article 156, Part 2 of Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The court sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment.

Prosecutors proved in court that in June of this year, the accused communicated with an 11-year-old girl through the Facebook social network.

For a long time, he communicated with her through messengers. Knowing the age of his interlocutor for sure, the guy had cynical and frank conversations on intimate topics.

And in the future, during the meetings, the accused committed lewd acts of a sexual nature in relation to the minor girl.

In addition, the boy made his own photos of a pornographic nature and sent them to the victims.

The accused is currently in custody.

The court verdict becomes legally binding after the expiry of the appeal period.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by investigators of the investigative department of the police No. 2 of the Lviv district police department No. 1 of the Main Department of the National Police in the Lviv region.

After the verdict becomes final, information about it will be entered into the Unified Register of Persons Convicted of Crimes Against the Sexual Freedom and Sexual Inviolability of Minors.

Department of Information Policy of the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

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