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Military-style competition to be held in Lviv region

Military-style competition “KORDON RACE 2024” to be held in Lviv region

On April 27, KORDON RACE 2024 will take place in Lviv region, a competition that combines obstacle course running with master classes in tactical medicine, mine safety, dog handlers, and even the opportunity to shoot a javelin using VR simulators.

“KORDON RACE 2024 will take place in the Viking Bay complex in Starye Selo. The event is organized with the support of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the 7th Carpathian Border Guard Detachment.

“Our goal was to adapt civilians to life in a country at war. This includes knowledge of the rules for handling mines, the ability to provide first aid and knowledge of how to protect themselves from shell shock. We are also introducing citizens to the multifaceted life of a border guard,” said Colonel Petro Zhovnych, Deputy Head of the 7th Carpathian Border Guard Detachment, Head of the Organizing Committee and Coordinator of KORDON RACE 2024.

“This is the third time such competitions will be held. The participants include military and civilians of all ages. Participation is free for military personnel, veterans and children.

The fastest runners will be determined in several categories:
✔️Командний run (2 km + 20 obstacles)
✔️Одиночний run (2 km + 20 obstacles)
✔️Дитячі competition (1 km track with ten obstacles)
✔️Ветеран RACE – an adapted course agreed with rehabilitation specialists. For veterans who have lost their limbs, moderately difficult but no less spectacular obstacles have been prepared to challenge themselves and be able to reach the end

✔️Ультра (3 km + 25 obstacles, participants will compete in bulletproof vests on a difficult route).
“The victory, of course, belongs to those who have shown the highest intelligence, endurance and physical fitness. But such events are definitely not about medals. It’s about cohesion, the spirit of military brotherhood and establishing quality interaction. This is their main strength. We are honored to have been partners of KORDON RACE since the first day of the project,” adds Roman Khimyak, Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

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