Стислий огляд подій

Forecasters warned of severe frost at night and in the morning of April 21 in Lviv Oblast

The Lviv Regional Center for Hydrometeorology reported that a severe frost of 0-2° will persist in the city of Lviv on April 21 at night and in the morning.

We urge road users to pay attention to the weather forecast.

Doctors remind that it is important to dress properly during the period of air temperature fluctuations. In particular, it is recommended to wear several layers of clothing instead of one warm sweater, because it will always be possible to remove one of them when it gets warmer.

It is also worth avoiding too tight clothes and shoes, because they restrict movement and only contribute to hypothermia. And if you do get cold, move your hands and toes, as this will increase blood circulation to the extremities.

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