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Maksym Kyryk from Lviv, who was diagnosed with SMA on April 4, needs help

Everyone who cares is asked to help raise funds for the treatment of little Maksym Kyryk from Lviv, who was diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease – spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

The boy’s life depends on one injection – Zolgensma, which costs more than $ 2 million. There is little time left – less than two months to have time to make a vital injection, because the parents learned about the diagnosis only on April 4 this year.

This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council.

The boy must be rescued immediately, as the injection must be given before the boy is two years old. It is impossible for Maxim’s relatives to raise the necessary amount on their own during such a difficult time of war, so they ask caring people to help save the child.

“We ask for your help while the Ukrainian troops, volunteers and all responsible citizens are fighting heroically against the Russian invaders, the most unexpected thing is happening in our family. To live a full life, Maksymchyk needs the world’s most expensive injection, which costs more than $ 2 million. There is not enough time, “said the boy’s father Petro Kyryk.

Assistance card accounts:

Mono bank


Kirik Petro (dad)

Privat Bank (new card)


Kirik Petro (dad)

Privat Bank


Kyryk Petro (dad) (old card, only transfer from Privat Bank card to Privat Bank card)



UA973220010000026200327624760 SWIFT: UNJSUAUKXXX

Kyryk Roman (uncle)



UA633220010000026200327628573 SWIFT: UNJSUAUKXXX

Kyryk Roman (uncle)

Pay Pal


Lviv City Council: https://city-adm.lviv.ua/news/society/social-sphere/291324-dopomohy-potrebuie-maksym-kyryk-iakomu-4-kvitnia-diahnostuvaly-sma

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