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In Sokal and Chervonohrad, the awarding ceremony of the winners and participants of the children’s and youth poetry recitation competition by Taras Shevchenko took place

On March 29, the winners and participants of the Taras Shevchenko-2024 poetry recitation contest for children and youth were awarded in Sokal and Chervonograd.

This was reported in the SE “Lvivvugilya”

1,269 children took part in the patriotic flash mob, reciting Kobzar’s poetry on camera on the occasion of the 210th anniversary of his birth.

This is a record number of participants for the four years of the competition, – said Orest Kavetskyi, the organizer of the competition, adviser to the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration. – Thanks to all the parents, educators, teachers who helped the children to create wonderful competition videos.

In Sokal, more than 300 children from the Sokal region received diplomas in the building of the State Enterprise “Lvivvugillia”. The participants were congratulated and joined in the award ceremony by the officers of the 63rd Separate Battalion of the Military Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Chervonograd, Roman Kolyada and Ihor Fedyachko, the head of the SE “Lvivvugilya” Vadym Kras.

Performance of the ensemble of bandurists “Zoretsvit” under the direction of Khrystyna Babachuk from the Children’s School of Arts named after V.Matyuka.m.Sokal added solemnity and atmosphere to the event.

Among the participants from Chervonograd, the majority are from mining families. Children from the Belzka and Velikomostivka territorial communities also came to the People’s House in Chervonograd to receive their diplomas. The presenter of the event is Olga Bazan.

The winners in their age groups, which were determined by the results of voting in the Orest Kavetskyi Initiative group, were Anna Koval and Sofia Demchuk from Chervonograd. They received award certificates of UAH 10,000.

Sofya’s father has been working for many years at one of the mines of Lvivvugilya State Enterprise.

– This competition really fascinated our whole family. I am proud of my talented daughter, says Taras Demchuk. – I am grateful to Orest Kavetskyi, the organizer of the competition, for attracting children to interest in native culture. Our grandparents kept portraits of Kobzar next to the icons. Shevchenko’s words from the mouths of more than a thousand children are so inspiring to love Ukraine and unite generations.

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