Фестивалі та концерти

Pupils of Lviv extracurricular clubs show their talents at the ArtLand festival

Today, on the International Children’s Day, the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park for Culture and Recreation is hosting the ArtLand festival of talented pupils from out-of-school institutions.

At the festival, pupils of extracurricular clubs and sections have the opportunity to showcase everything they have learnt throughout the year.

“Today we are holding the ArtLand extracurricular festival, which is timed to coincide with Children’s Day. We are organising it so that children who attended their clubs during the school year can show their talents on a big stage in front of a large audience. We are glad that we have so many talented children in our city,” says Andriy Zakalyuk, Head of the Education Department of Lviv City Council.

The festival is being held for the second time. The event involves 15 out-of-school educational institutions of the Lviv Metropolitan Territorial Community and about 50 of their teams. At the festival, children have an extensive concert programme (vocal and choreographic performances, circus arts, artistic readings and fashion theatre), play various quests and games, participate in many workshops and even get to know the animals of the Ecological and Naturalistic Centre.

ArtLand will last until 17:00, so you still have a chance to visit it.

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