Кримінальні події

Be a drinker of that protection: the police officers of the Lviv region will gladden, like defending themselves against intestinal villains

There is an increase in the activity of intestinal villains, like “practices” in public transport, on teeth, at supermarkets, on the streets of towns, stealing gamanci, handbags, pennies and bank cards, mobile phones from people. Right-wingers are calling out: be drunk, do not allow yourself to be fooled!

It is impossible to identify the intestinal villain of the middle of the NATO – it can be a man, a woman, a faggot, stench can work in pairs one by one.

In the wildest way to be safe from intestinal stealing, you don’t have to come in especially safe. Also, the policemen of Lviv region guard:

  • do not wear valuable speeches, documents, and keys in the wild swarms of robes, bags and backpacks;
  • check that the hamanets were not seen in dress and without turning their respect;
  • follow him, so that your bag is closed and always trimmed її at the field of view;
  • give special respect to people who try to get close to you, stand behind or sideways;
  • do not turn pennies into gamants in the eyes of people.

If you have become a victim of an intestinal villain, or an eyewitness of that law-breaking, call the operational line 102 in a negligent manner.

Be a drinker and protect!

Conducted communications of the police of Lviv region

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