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In less than three months, line 102 received 27 complaints about road accidents involving scooters in the region

There were the fewest collisions involving scooter riders in April – 9 cases, in June – 10 events were recorded, in July – 8. In total, in less than three months, line 102 in Lviv received 27 such requests.

One of them arrived today. The collision occurred at the intersection of Stryyska and Naukova streets.

A few rules that scooter drivers should remember:

🛴 do not forget that the main pedestrian is on the sidewalk;
🛴 choose a safe speed of movement so that you can react in time to a change in the situation;
🛴 at a pedestrian crossing, you are also a pedestrian – hurry up;
🛴 when entering the bicycle path that crosses the road, make sure that the car driver has noticed you and has time to brake;
🛴 if you are driving on the road, follow the requirements of road signs and traffic lights;
🛴 move as close as possible to the right edge of the carriageway.

We hope that these tips will reduce the number of accidents, – reported the patrol police of the Lviv region

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