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Homemade baked goods, trench candles and camouflage nets, children’s amulets: Residents of the Shegynivska community sent another aid to the Armed Forces on the front line

Cultural workers of the community and caring residents once again united in a single cause in support of our brave defenders.

Both adults and children participated in the charity event. Fragrant home-made bread and cookies, various goodies, trench candles, woven camouflage netting and basic necessities, warm clothes, food kits and canned goods have already been sent to the servicemen at the front.

In addition, the children handed over postcards, drawings, hearts to our soldiers and wished them good health and a quick victory.

“Thank you to everyone who joined a good cause today. We wish the volunteers a happy journey and a quick return. To our defenders, courage, strength and good health. We are waiting for you with Victory”, – say the organizers of the charity event, community culture workers.

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