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The Lviv Regional Council today adopted decisions that will help preserve the environment

Famous Lviv singer Iryna Fedyshyn raised funds to purchase 22 more vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces during her Christmas tour “Ukraine Carols”.

According to Iryna Fedyshyn, she is grateful to God that for the second year in a row there was no air raid during the concerts of the charity tour, as well as to everyone who donated. This was reported by the Lviv portal.

“The vehicles will be delivered to: 710th Assault Brigade, 3 vehicles will be sent to the 141st Brigade, the 5th Assault Brigade, 17th Tank Brigade, 41st Brigade, 241st, 65th, 32nd, 128th, 80th, 110th TRO Brigade, 108th TRO, 105th Ternopil TRO, 4th Separate Tank Brigade, 2 vehicles will be sent to the First Separate Brigade named after Prince Lev,” the report says.

It also became known that one of the vehicles was donated by philanthropist Volodymyr Taravsky. In addition to the SUVs, the Armed Forces also bought a Starlink and powerful charging stations.

The charity foundation “Where Hope Lives” will help to deliver the vehicles to the front. The vehicles are already on their way to our defenders.

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