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National Nature Park “Boykivshchyna” today celebrates the first jubilee, the 5th anniversary of its creation

Boykivshchyna National Nature Park today, April 11, celebrates the first anniversary, the 5th anniversary of its creation

The park started its full activity in 2021. During this short period of time, many important steps have been taken regarding the preservation, reproduction and rational use of natural landscapes, which have an important environmental, aesthetic, scientific, educational, recreational and health significance.

The staff of the Park, with their hard work, fulfills the tasks assigned to the nature protection institution with dignity, despite the difficult challenges of today.

On this day, I would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of this PZF object, and especially thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine and those who defend our state, for the opportunity to work and implement all the planned plans in the preservation of the natural values of the Boykiv region.

We wish everyone good health, a peaceful sky above your head and dedicated work for the common Victory and the glorious future of our Ukraine.🇺🇦

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