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Almost 70 more Ukrainians arrived in Lviv Oblast during the day by evacuation trains

Maksym Kozytskyi, the head of the Lviv OVA, informed about the most important things from the life of the Lviv region over the past day.

As he noted, during the night of March 5 and 6, threats of rocket attacks were not recorded in Lviv Oblast. Today at 09:08 the sirens warned of danger.

“The threat continues, stay in shelters until the break-up,” the head of the region emphasized.

In addition, 64 more people arrived to us by evacuation trains during the day.

1140 people from our region went to Przemyśl.

13 people with a diagnosis of acute intestinal infection were hospitalized at the Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital from the modular town for IDPs located on Chervonaya Kalyna Avenue in Lviv. 11 of those hospitalized are minors. All patients are in a moderate condition. As of this hour, 37 patients are known, among them 21 children under 18 years of age. 24 people receive outpatient treatment. Outpatients are isolated and remain under the observation of doctors. A complex of medical and diagnostic and anti-epidemic measures is implemented. The premises of the modular town were disinfected. Epidemic investigation is ongoing.

The Order of the Boniface Brothers from Poland handed over a fire engine to Drohobychchyna. It is equipped with the necessary emergency and rescue equipment and fire-fighting technical tools, including water tanks. The car will be directed to the needs of the civilian population.

The Fathers of the Order of Salvatorians from Poland handed over humanitarian aid to the Novorozdil community in Stryshchyna. It is about gas vodkas, warm clothes, products, chemical heaters. The city hospital received rehabilitation equipment for wounded soldiers and community residents – treadmills, a balancing hemisphere and belts for external support.

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska with the team of her Foundation visited a family-type orphanage in the Lviv Region. The Paskevich family lived near Kryvyi Rih before the full-scale war. In March 2022, they found shelter and a safe place to live in our region. The Olena Zelenska Foundation donated the most necessary everyday items for the family. More details: https://bit.ly/3kMVjx5

Paralympian Vasyl Kravchuk from Skolivshchyna won a bronze medal in the 12.5-kilometer individual race at the Biathlon World Cup among athletes with musculoskeletal disorders in the USA.

Biathlete from Yavoriv region Olena Horodna won bronze in the relay at the Junior World Championship in Kazakhstan. In the team with Olena, athletes Oleksandr Merkushina, Bohdan Borkovskyi and Mykhailo Khmil won the victory for Ukraine.

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