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Lviv handed over 4 more cars and 200 drones to the military

Lviv continues to help the defenders of Ukraine. Today, the city community handed over 4 cars and 200 drones to the military.

The total amount of funds allocated to purchases for the military this week is more than 16.5 million hryvnias:

refueling car – UAH 0.5 million;

420 FPV drones – UAH 5 million;

10 generators and 10 Bandera power – UAH 0.5 million;

4 cars – UAH 5.2 million;

30 drones (Mavic 3/Mavic 3T/Autel 4T) – UAH 5 million;

50 batteries for drones – UAH 0.3 million;

flashlights, heaters, gas cylinders – UAH 0.02 million.

We will remind you that equipment and equipment for the front lines are purchased at the request of the military within the framework of the city-wide program to support defenders, for which UAH 1 billion was allocated from the city budget in 2023. In general, the city provided UAH 2.1 billion for all military support programs this year.

Also, for the year 2024, the budget of Lviv MTG has already provided UAH 1 billion for the purchase of equipment and necessary means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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