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Residents whose property was damaged by the rush of an emergency collector on Torfiania Street in Lviv will be compensated for their losses. Video

Today on the street A working meeting was held in Torfyaniya with the participation of the mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovoy regarding the solution to the situation with the emergency collector. Therefore, compensation will be provided to owners of cars and premises that were damaged as a result of flooding.

At the meeting, it was also decided that until the construction of a new duplicating collector, the houses that suffer the most when the collector bursts will be sealed so that water does not enter the premises.

“When this collector was built in the 1970s, no one expected that there would be such downpours, when a month’s worth of precipitation could fall in an hour. Therefore, then they made a hack, and today the whole of Lviv suffers because of this collector. Now Lvivvodokanal is engaged in the production of a project for the construction of a new – duplicate collector. This is an expensive construction, but it must be done for the safety of the city.

Instead, we will now take priority measures to prevent possible future flooding, clear the affected area and pay compensation to the owners of the cars that were damaged.

The design of the new collector will continue until next year. And, I believe, with victory and the support of European banks, we will attract funds and build a new branch of the collector,” said Andriy Sadovy, the mayor of Lviv.

As Dmytro Vankovich, director of LMKP “Lvivvodokanal”, reported, until the construction of the duplicate collector, the only option to protect the houses that are located nearby is to seal them. Therefore, together with the architecture department, with the involvement of the designer Ola Kryvoruchko, we worked out measures to implement this.

“The only solution to prevent inundation and flooding in the future in this area is the construction of a new duplicating collector from Chornovola avenue to our treatment facilities. But this is an expensive construction that requires a long time to design. Until then, to control the situation, there is no other option than to seal every house in this area. After all, accidents can happen in the future, because the design capacity of this collector is one and a half times less than the amount of water that comes with rains,” explained Dmytro Vankovich, director of Lvivvodokanal LMKP.

In addition to the sealing of buildings, according to Iryna Marunyak, the deputy mayor of Lviv for Housing and Communal Affairs, in order to protect against damage to cars, the issue of arranging a barrier in the area that floods the most and where residents park their auto.

“We examined the foundation of the house on the street. Torfyana, 21 – he was not injured. They also inspected the non-residential premises nearby. There is damage in the amount of UAH 474,000. Funds will also be allocated to the owners of 10 cars that were damaged by flooding. Each of them will receive 20,000 hryvnias,” said Iryna Marunyak.

We will remind you that on July 5, during an intense downpour, an emergency situation occurred at the main sewage collector “Poltva” on the street. Peat, namely: the destruction of two floor slabs, as a result of which wastewater spilled onto the surface. As a result, the surrounding area was flooded, non-residential premises and 10 cars were damaged.

On July 8, the executive committee of the LMR adopted a decision “On granting Lvivvodokanal LMKP the functions of a customer for the design and construction of a sewage facility.” It is about the construction of a duplicating collector on the street. Peat At the same time, the decision “On making changes to the list of objects financed from the development budget of the budget of the Lviv City Territorial Community for 2022” provides for the allocation of UAH 3 million for the construction of a new collector.

Lviv City Council: https://city-adm.lviv.ua/news/city/housing-and-utilities/292440-meshkantsiam-chyie-maino-postrazhdalo-vid-poryvu-avariinoho-kolekota-na-vul-torfianii- kompensuiut-zbytky-video

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