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After the victory in Lviv, a new collector will be built on Torfiania

“We will be able to build a new collector on Torfynaya when the war is over, but we are already working on the project,” Andriy Sadovy

As Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy reported, to stabilize the situation with the collector on the street. Torfyanii and the impossibility of further breakthroughs, representatives of the city council, Lviv Water Canal, together with specialists of the Lviv Polytechnic must develop a plan of measures within two weeks. In parallel, the city will develop a project for the construction of a new, duplicating collector.

“Through the collector on the street Two-thirds of all drains of the city of Lviv pass through the Torfyaniy. That is, everything flows through this collector, with the exception of Sykhov and part of the street. Naukova. This collector was built back in the 70s and is narrow. Instead, today we have the kind of weather when a month’s amount of precipitation falls in an hour, so no collector can cope with it.

To stabilize the situation on the street. Torfyaniy, on Thursday we held a big meeting at the place where this collector breaks through. There was my deputy Iryna Marunyak, the management of Lviv Vodokanal, specialists from Lviv Polytechnic University. In two weeks, they have to propose a solution that will prevent such floods as there have been.

In fact, a new collector should be built there, which would be much wider. But it will be possible to build a new one only when the war ends. Currently, we have to make a project. They are already working on the project. And, of course, we need to have an understanding about financing, because without European money we will not be able to do it,” said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi during a live broadcast on his Facebook page.

We will remind you that yesterday the executive committee of the LMR made a decision “On providing Lvivvodokanal LMKP with the functions of a customer for the design and construction of a sewage facility.” It is about the construction of a duplicating collector on the street. Peat At the same time, the decision “On making changes to the list of objects financed from the development budget of the budget of the Lviv City Territorial Community for 2022” provides for the allocation of UAH 3 million for the construction of a new collector.

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