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In Lviv, architects and designers design collapsible structures for shelters

From July 28 to 31, the workshop “Furniture for a sense of home” will be held in Lviv, where architects, designers and anyone with experience in home furnishing will be taught to create folding furniture for forcibly displaced Ukrainians in shelters. The presentation of the first set of furniture for temporary housing is planned for this Sunday.

So, currently 20 participants are studying the theoretical part, which includes design, mock-up and computer sketching. Such training was organized by the teams of the Institute of the City and Rubber City, together with the department of urban agglomeration of the LMR.

“Many Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, become more mobile and ready for numerous relocations. At the workshop, participants create designer furniture that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Such furniture can be compactly packed and easily transported from home to home, recreating your coziness in a new room,” say the organizers.

It is assumed that the practice of creating folding furniture for IDPs can be extended to shelters across the country as an inexpensive and practical solution. That is why the team creates a technical package with a description and models of furniture, a list of necessary materials and their cost.

The workshop is implemented within the project “Integrated development of cities in Ukraine II” of the federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ GmbH with funding from the governments of Germany and Switzerland.

By the way, the first set of folding furniture is intended for the displaced people who will live in the People’s House in the village. Great Mushrooms. Workshop participants already visited the shelter yesterday.

Detailed information about the organizers: Rubbar city – https://www.facebook.com/rubberrr.

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1UJoksgu

Contact person – Daryna Mendela: e-mail: darynamendela@city-institute.org, 066 101 65 50.

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