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Gymnasts of Lviv region won 19 awards at the Ukrainian Championship

From April 29 to May 1, Kyiv hosted the Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships for Masters of Sports and Candidates for Master of Sports of Ukraine.

This is the first official start of this year, and our athletes showed themselves well there.

Under the program of Masters of Sports of Ukraine in the individual championship, Khrystyna Pohranichna (D. Sydoruk Children and Youth Sports School, coach Iryna Ruda) took 3rd place 🥉.

In the group exercises in the all-around, the team of Lviv region took the third place:

🥉Snizhana Oshchipko
Anastasia Scheletska
Veronika Skrygina
Anna Zasadna
Victoria Sashina

Team coaches: Kateryna Sorokovska, Khrystyna Rodevych, Iryna Ivaniv, Khrystyna Tarasiak.

In the finals of the group exercises with five hoops, the team of Lviv region became bronze medalists in the following composition:

🥉Bohdana Melnyk
Karina Sydorak
Marta Borys
Yelyzaveta Shchudliuk
Kateryna Pivtorak
Anna Yergieva

Team coaches: Kateryna Sorokovska, Iryna Ivaniv, Khrystyna Tarasiak.

According to the program of Candidates for Master of Sports of Ukraine in the team competition, the team of Lviv region became bronze medalists in the following composition:

🥉Anna-Maria Yakymiv
Yulia Obukh

Both athletes are representatives of the Children and Youth Sports School №1. Coaches: Kateryna Sorokovska and Iryna Ivaniv.

In the final competitions under the CMS program, medals were won by:

🥉Yakymiv Anna-Maria – 3rd place in the hoop exercise
Yulia Obukh – 2nd place in the ball exercise
Anna-Maria Yakymiv – 2nd place in the vault with clubs

Under the CMC program (born in 2011):

🥉 Lema Anna – 3rd place in the hoop exercise (KDYUSSH №1 coach Tarasyak Kristina)
🥇 Lema Anna – 1st place in the exercise with the ribbon

The total achievement of the national team of Lviv region is 19 medals, including 1 gold, 2 silver and 16 bronze.

“The Lviv Rhythmic Gymnastics School has quite a tradition. At the last Olympics in Tokyo, a representative of the region, Khrystyna Pohranichna, took the 10th step of the podium. Our student Alina Melnyk is a candidate for participation in the Summer Olympics to be held in Paris this year. We hope that the generation of new athletes will join the ranks of national and Olympic teams,” said Roman Khimyak, head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

We would like to add that Khrystyna Pohranichna is the heroine of the project “On the Brink,” a series of films about the winners and participants of the Tokyo Olympics from Lviv region. You can watch the series about Khrystyna here:

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