Today Mostyska community met the body of defender Oleksandr Halytskyi

With tears in their eyes, the community once again welcomed the Hero who returned home. Now forever… They paid their last respects to Oleksandr Halytskyi on their knees, along a living corridor.

We continue to pay a high price for the freedom and independence of our country. The Defender’s feat is forever in our memory and in our hearts. We are grateful to him for his courage, bravery and great sacrifice for the sake of Ukraine and all of us. We express our sincere condolences to the Defender’s family.

To recap.

On 9 April, Senior Lieutenant Halytskyi Oleksandr Serhiiovych, born on 20.06.1985, was killed in a battle with the occupiers. His life ended in the village of Antonivka, Pokrovsk district, Donetsk region.

🇺🇦Був faithful to his military oath, defended his homeland until his last breath.

The parastasis will be held today at 18:00 in the Church of the Ascension. The funeral rite for Warrior Oleksandr will be held tomorrow, 10 June, at 10:00.

Eternal memory to the Hero! 🕯️

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