In Lviv, there will be a mural and a memorial plaque dedicated to Yuri Ruf

In Lviv, a mural will be created and a memorial table will be installed, dedicated to the combatant, public figure, poet Yuriy Dadak (Rufus). The mural will be displayed on the house where he lived, the table will be hung on the wall of the school where the defender studied.

The mural on the facade of Yuriy Dadak’s (Rufa) home depicts the Hero himself and a quote.

“The public organization “Institute of Social Initiatives” took such an initiative. Yuriy Dadak (Ruf) is an outstanding poet, writer, scientist, defender of Ukraine. He was killed by Russian troops on April 1, 2022, fighting in Luhansk region. Placing a mural on the house where he lived will be worthy of commemorating his memory,” Nataliya Bunda noted.

They also agreed to install a memorial table of a new format on the facade of the lyceum where he studied.

“We offer a new type of memorial tables to honor the Heroes, which was agreed with the participants in the hostilities. The Department of Architecture and Urbanism worked hard on the new format, I thank them for that. We hope that this option will become the new standard for such tables in our city,” emphasized Andriy Moskalenko, the first deputy mayor of Lviv.

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