The brutal war took the lives of territorial defense fighters from the Novoyavorivsk community Bohdan Lazur and Myroslav Mamchur

Defending Ukraine from the Russian occupiers killed residents of the Novoyavorivsk community – 43-year-old resident of Novoyavorivsk LAZUR Bogdan Bogdanovich and 41-year-old resident of Ternovytsia MAMCHUR Myroslav Dmytrovych.

We express our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the fallen defenders. Eternal memory and honor to the Heroes!

Farewell to the Hero Bogdan will take place on Wednesday, May 18, at 11:00 in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Novoyavorivsk. Bogdan will be buried in the local cemetery.

Farewell to the Hero Myroslav will take place on Wednesday, May 18, at 14:00 in the Church of the Holy Trinity of the UGCC in the village of Ternovytsia. Myroslav will be buried in the local cemetery.

LAZUR Bohdan Bohdanovych was born on March 11, 1979 in the city of Novoyavorivsk.

A graduate of Novoyavorivska Secondary School of the 1st-3rd grades, 3rd, graduated from the Art Vocational and Technical School named after JP Stanko (Ivano-Frankivsk), where he became a wood carver and birch bark, a manufacturer of wood art.

Bogdan Bogdanovich served under a contract in 24 OMBR named after King Daniel. In 2014-2015 he was in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

With the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bogdan, as part of the territorial defense of Yavoriv region, went to defend the territorial integrity of our state.

While performing a combat mission, Bohdan Bohdanovich’s life was cut short due to rocket fire in the Donetsk region.

The Hero is survived by his mother Antonina Antonovna, father Bohdan Petrovich, daughter Yulia, brother Viktor with his family and brother Mykola with his family.

MAMCHUR Myroslav Dmytrovych was born on September 27, 1970 in the village of Ternovytsia.

He graduated from Ternovytsia Secondary School of the 1st-2nd grades, and later entered the Bryukhovychi Construction School, where he became a builder.

He devoted many years of his life to the work of a builder.

As part of the territorial defense of Yavoriv region he went to defend Ukrainian land from the occupiers.

During a combat mission in the Donetsk region, on May 5, 2022, Myroslav Dmytrovych was killed by rocket fire.

The Hero is survived by his mother Stefania Vasylivna, his wife Lyudmila, son Dmytro and daughter Ivanna.

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