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In Chervonograd, the layout of some signs has been updated

According to residents’ appeals, the scheme for placing road signs has been updated

The warning sign 1.33 “Children” will be installed near the Chervonograd Gymnasium No. 8, the Luhovskyi Family Gymnasium and the Junior High School No. 2 (“Dolphin” swimming pool) on 1, 20a, 29, and 33 Sheptytskogo Streets.

Road signs 3.3 “Truck traffic is prohibited” will be installed by public utilities on 24 and 29a Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street.

According to citizens’ appeals, “Pedestrian Crossing” signs and “zebra” markings will appear on the street. Lvivska 11. And here are the same signs near the Chervonohrad police department on the street. St. Volodymyr, 8a will be removed from the complex scheme. Instead, utility workers will install the “Pedestrian Crossing” sign near the building of the Chervonohrad Court on the street. St. Volodymyra, 15.

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