The regional football tournament on the occasion of the Statehood Day brought together teams from 6 communities

Yesterday, July 28, on the occasion of Statehood Day, a mini-football tournament among athletes aged 13-14 years was held in Rudki. In addition to athletes from the Rudkiv community, athletes from Horodka, Biskovich, Ralivka, Novy Kalinov and Sambor competed for awards.

The arena for the competition was a sports ground near the Rudkiv School named after the Hero of the Heavenly Hundred Volodymyr Zherebny. It was built as part of the Comprehensive Program for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports, which is implemented by the Department of Youth and Sports of the Lviv Oblast. Thanks to the program, there are similar sports fields in each of the communities whose football players participated in the tournament.

“We often talk about international victories and achievements, but it is equally important to support communities, because it is difficult to overestimate the importance and role of healthy, active, patriotic youth. We have created the proper infrastructure and today we see the result: each of the communities has teams that play well, have the desire to compete and develop,” says the head of the youth and sports department, Roman Khim’yak.

The winners received awards and gifts from the Department of Youth and Sports and the Lviv Regional Center “Sports for All” and the Rudkiv City Council.

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