З життя господарника

Agrarians of Yavorivshchyna completed the selection of winter barley

The agricultural states of the Yavorivsky district threshed 2060 hectares – 100% to the total area of ​​crops. Gross crop harvest is 11,758.5 ​​tons of grain, with an average of 57.41 c/ha.

The shards of the weather are smart to scatter the fate, the pace of choosing the birth is to go according to the plan.

In addition, farmers have started harvesting winter crops, the storage area of ​​which is 4571 hectares. Threshed 1525 ha (33.6% before sowing) with a gross showing of 6083 tons.


  • winter wheat – 5613 ha,
  • winter zhito – 70 ha,
  • Yara wheat – 1584 ha,
  • yary barley – 143 ha, oats 170 ha.

How did the leaders of the economy, the agro-industrial development and infrastructure of the Yavoriv RVA, the farmers of the district sing about the good results of the harvest of this fate.

We will overcome on all fronts.

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