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Lviv region has a comprehensive programme of support and development of agriculture for 2021-2025

The Department of Agro-Industrial Development of the Lviv Regional State Administration informs that the region has a “Comprehensive Programme for Support and Development of Agriculture in Lviv Region for 2021-2025”.

The main objective of the Comprehensive Programme under the legal regime of martial law is to implement a system of economic and organisational measures aimed at supporting and improving the efficiency of agricultural production by micro, small and medium-sized businesses to ensure food security in the region, increase employment and develop the industry.

We would like to inform you that as of 1 February 2024, applications have been accepted for one of the areas of the Comprehensive Programme, in particular, for financial support on a repayable basis in the form of preferential loans to business entities whose founder (or one of the founders) is a participant in hostilities.

The regional budget allocated UAH 5.0 million for this purpose. Concessional loans are granted on a paid and repayable basis at 3% per annum in an amount not exceeding UAH 700.0 thousand for a term of up to 5 years with the possibility of deferring repayment of the principal amount of the obligation for up to 1 year (deferred loan repayment is included in the total term of the loan agreement).

Financial support is provided to cover production costs associated with the production of agricultural products, the purchase of fixed assets, biological assets (seedlings of fruit and berry crops, livestock) in accordance with the business plan prepared by the business entity.

Importantly, ATO (JFO) participants / participants of the war with Russia who live in the rayon hromadas can also register for financial support on a reverse basis in the form of a soft loan for the implementation of a business plan

For more details, please follow the link: https://1ll.ink/7xvV0.

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