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Bogdan Goza from Stryj Region sets a new world record in his category at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships

In the exercise “jerk” the young man lifted 195 kilograms. Moreover, the previous record – 185 kilograms – also belonged to our compatriot

In addition, Bogdan showed the best result in the exercise “push”. He lifted 215 pounds.

As a result, the 20-year-old won gold at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships.

Bohdan Goza is a titled weightlifter. Last October, Bohdan Goza won gold at the European Junior Championships, lifting 400 kg in the duel. In the jerk, the athlete lifted 190 kg, which became a new European and world record among juniors. Athletes Andriy and Volodymyr Gentoshi train.

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