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During the day, firefighters in the Lviv region extinguished dry grass fires three times

Over the past day, the rescuers of the Lviv Oblast have made 3 trips to eliminate dry fires. The total area of ​​the fire is more than 850 sq.m.

In particular, dry fires were recorded in the village. Drogovyzh of Stryi district, in the village Tarasivka, Lviv district, in the village Kavske of Stryi district.

The rescuers of the Lviv region remind once again that burning garbage, dry grass, bushes and other vegetation is prohibited and is also punishable by law in the form of a fine:

📌 for citizens from 3,060 to 6,120
📌 for officials 15,300 to 21,420

Remember that fires in ecosystems can also cause serious consequences, in particular, the uncontrolled spread of fire to residential buildings and nearby structures, the destruction of the fertile soil layer, the death of animals, and moreover, fire can take a person’s life.

Residents of Lviv Oblast, do not allow dry grass to catch fire and keep an eye on the situation in your locality. Only conscious behavior and strict adherence to fire safety rules will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In such a difficult time, in the conditions of martial law, to deliberately destroy your LAND – by burning dry grass – is a CRIME!

Protect Ukraine from fire!

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