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In Lviv, a prosthesis was installed for a volunteer who makes “banderomobiles” for the front

A volunteer who makes “banderomobiles” for the Armed Forces got into a car accident on the way to the front and lost his leg. Specialists of the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN have been treating the man for the past three months.

During the treatment and recovery, the man’s contribution to the victory was recognized by the President of Ukraine with a state award.

Oleksandr Vyhovanets is 35 years old. He is from the town of Radyvyliv, in the Rivne region. He worked at a local enterprise and produced spare parts for passenger cars. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he wanted to join the army, but he was refused due to his health. Then the man started volunteering.

At first, on the Kyiv-Chop highway, he prepared and distributed food to women and children fleeing the war. And later, together with like-minded people, he began to manufacture “banderomobiles” for the military. Among other things, Oleksandr’s team equips these cars with turrets – machine gun mounts. Masters developed them with their own hands from materials at hand. As of now, after two years of volunteering, Radyviliv mechanics have handed over 400 armored and turret-equipped “banderomobiles” to defenders.

“When you bring a car to the front line for our guys, you feel crazy inspiration to do even more. Especially when you find out that this particular car you brought saved the life of more than one of our soldiers,” Oleksandr says.

Last year in October, the volunteer went to the front again. I had to personally drive away another “banderomobile” for the defenders of Donetsk region. However, he got into an accident on the way, as a result of which he lost his right lower limb.

“It’s not a loss for me. The loss is for the boys at zero. And yes, I have a slight injury,” jokes Oleksandr. So the volunteer came to the NEZLAMNI center in a positive mood, with the desire to recover as soon as possible, get a prosthesis and return to volunteering.

At first, the man was in the surgical department, where the wound was cleaned of infection and a stump was formed. When the wound healed, the prosthetists were able to get to work.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi awarded Oleksandr Vyhovanets during rehabilitation, on the occasion of the Day of Sobornosty. The President of Ukraine presented him with the medal “For Labor and Victory”.

Three weeks ago, Oleksandr had prosthetics. Thanks to hard work with physical therapists, he quickly mastered walking on a temporary prosthesis. Very soon, Oleksandr will receive a permanent artificial limb. Therefore, soon he plans to return to his team of volunteer craftsmen and together continue to saturate the front with “banderomobiles”.


The UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center is a unique place where adults and children affected by war receive comprehensive qualified medical care. This is reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and robotic prosthetics. Victims are not only fitted with prostheses, they are made here. The center also deals with physical, psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation of injured soldiers and civilians. The goal of the center is to ensure that people with war injuries do not have to go abroad for treatment, but that they can be rescued, prosthetics, and rehabilitated in Ukraine.

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