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Do not disclose your card details: Lviv Oblast police advised how to avoid cyber fraud

Remember that bank employees never ask for the PIN code for the card or the CVV code indicated on the back of the card, or the card’s expiration date.

Often, criminals, calling themselves bank employees, find out information about bank cards, after which they withdraw your money. Or they send a message about the alleged blocking of the card and ask to report the code via SMS, gaining access to your account.

To prevent this from happening, the police advise:

– do not share the card’s PIN code, SVV code, and the card’s expiration date to third parties (bank employees do not require such information);

– do not share online banking passwords;

– do not share passwords from SMS messages that are sent to you to confirm transactions;

– do not send any SMS where you are asked to select a selection key as if to unlock or block the card – in this way, attackers hack your phone and gain access to card accounts.

– do not follow dubious links received by e-mail, messengers or in the form of SMS messages;

– regularly check transactions on your accounts;

– use only official mobile applications of your bank;

– never make payments from other people’s devices.

If you do become a victim of cyber fraud, you should immediately contact the police hotline at 102 or the cyber police hotline 0 800 505 170.

Communications Department of the Lviv Oblast Police

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