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Prosecutors prevent misuse of UAH 9 million by construction company in Sambir district during road repairs

The prosecutors of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office ensured participation in the consideration of the case brought by the Sambir District Prosecutor’s Office regarding the disputed contract. The agreement was supposed to result in the illegal allocation of over UAH 9 million from the budget.

It was established that a local government body and a construction company entered into a contractor agreement. According to the agreement, the business entity was to carry out major repairs of a municipal road in one of the villages of Sambir district.

However, according to the State Audit Service’s monitoring, the contractor was unlawfully declared the winner of the tender, as there were irregularities in the calculation of the cost of the work and no confirmation of the absence of bank loan arrears.

In this regard, the prosecutor’s office filed a claim to invalidate the contract, which did not meet the requirements of the tender documents. The court agreed with the prosecutor’s arguments and declared the disputed contract void.


As a result, the misuse of budget funds was prevented as a result of the representative measures taken.

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