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More than 30 enterprises will receive financial support within the framework of the regional program

Another 34 enterprises of the Lviv region will receive financial assistance from the regional budget for conducting business. Recently, 41 enterprises have already received such assistance.

Today, a meeting of the expert commission was held within the framework of the implementation of the Business Support Program in the Lviv region during the period of martial law.

The purpose of the Program is to provide business support in the conditions of martial law, in particular, to create the necessary conditions for the accommodation and work of businesses relocated to the Lviv region from other regions of Ukraine.

The expert commission considered compliance with the requirements of the Program:

  • applications for the provision of non-refundable financial assistance to enterprises that have moved and registered in the territory of Lviv region;
  • applications for the provision of irrevocable financial assistance for the purchase
  • equipment for enterprises of the food, light, machine-building industry;
  • applications for receipt of business support vouchers from the Lviv region.

At the same time, almost 60 participants of the competition were granted the right to reimbursement of the voucher.

We would like to remind you that voucher support for the business of Lviv region is carried out by providing marketing vouchers and vouchers for product certification – the right to irrevocable financial assistance for micro and small business entities – legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are on different taxation systems, in accordance with the requirements of this Program.

How to get?

Within 2 months from the date of receipt of the extract of the protocol of the expert commission on the results of the competition (voucher), the business entity can apply to the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv Regional Military Administration with an application for reimbursement of the voucher for the work and services of a requalified service company in the amount of up to 70% of its value .

Together with the application for reimbursement, the business entity must submit to the Department of Economic Policy documents that confirm the proper performance of works or provision of services, namely:

Contract for performance of works or provision of services with a requalified service company.
A document that confirms the performance of the contract (act of acceptance and transfer of completed works or services).
A document confirming 100% payment to the requalified service company (bank statement, payment order, etc.).
A copy of the results of the contract (if possible).

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