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the veteran expanded the business with the help of the city

Entrepreneur Vasyl Huk started his own business in 2018. The man makes metal products: fences, fences, gates and everything related to metal. With the help of the city, he received a development grant and expanded his business. This year, based on the results of the competition, the city supported 53 veterans and their relatives who want to develop their own business.

“Our company is called “Fence PLUS”. You can place an order on our website and we will send it to you anywhere in Ukraine, as well as Europe and even the world,” says entrepreneur Vasyl Huk.

From 2014 to 2015, the man was in the army, and later returned to his own business. From social networks, he learned about voucher support for veterans from the Lviv City Council and decided to use the opportunity to expand his business.

“These are new horizons, new perspectives for me, and I became interested in submitting such a project that would interest the city council,” says Vasyl.

The man became the winner of the competition and received 300,000 hryvnias, for which he purchased special equipment for metalworking.

“We purchased a metal bending machine. It allows us not just to buy a ready-made product and only engage in distribution, but to independently manufacture our own products, thereby leaving funds in Lviv. In fact, we now have our own production,” says Vasyl Huk.

The veteran advises those who want to develop their own business to apply for voucher support programs for entrepreneurs from the Lviv City Council.

“This is a very cool opportunity for veterans. When veterans return from the war and go through the rehabilitation period, many of them are faced with the fact that they have to buy everything for their own business. Here, the Lviv City Council takes such a significant step, giving a budget of 8,000 u.o. – that is, I believe that with this money you can start something grandiose, but definitely take the first step for the development of your own business. This is quite a lot of money.

For myself, I once decided to do my own business and I did it. It is, of course, very individual, but if there is an idea and a desire, why not?”, Vasyl Huk said.

As a reminder, the Lviv City Council provides voucher support in the amount of up to 300,000 hryvnias to veterans and their relatives for the development of their own business. Based on the results of the competition, this year 53 veterans will receive financial support for business development.

It should be noted that last year 30 veterans and their wives received voucher support of up to 300,000 hryvnias for starting or developing their own business.

In total, the Lviv City Council offers 13 different vouchers to help entrepreneurs.

In 2023, 492 vouchers worth UAH 46.4 million were allocated from the city budget to support business.

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