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UAH 195 million: weekly funding from the regional budget

This week, from June 12 to 16, 195 million hryvnias were allocated from the regional budget by order of the main managers of funds (departments of Lviv Oblast).

Funds were directed to:

UAH 2 million for capital repairs in cultural institutions;
UAH 1.1 million – production of project and estimate documentation, conducting expertise for capital repairs in boarding schools and boarding houses;
UAH 1 million for the purchase of medical equipment.

Also, local budgets were transferred an additional subsidy for compensation for the payment of communal services for the accommodation of internally displaced persons in the amount of UAH 17.2 million.

In addition, the regional budget financed the needs of institutions of regional subordination:

payment of wages – UAH 109.8 million;
scholarships – UAH 6.2 million;
purchase of medicines and food products by institutions of regional subordination – UAH 8.1 million;
payment of communal services – UAH 8.1 million;
maintenance and development of highways – UAH 9.2 million;
other expenses for current maintenance of institutions – 6 million hryvnias.

Funds were also allocated for the implementation of regional target programs:

support and development of agriculture – UAH 10 million;
environmental protection – UAH 6.6 million;
capital construction – UAH 3.4 million;
“Safe Lviv region” – UAH 3 million;
support of ATO (OOC) participants and their families, ATO volunteer fighters, as well as families of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred – UAH 1.2 million;
implementation of priority infrastructure facilities – UAH 1 million;
social support for certain categories of citizens – UAH 0.5 million;
cultural development of Lviv Oblast – UAH 0.3 million;
development of transport and communication – 0.3 million hryvnias.


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