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Budget indicators of 2023 for Lviv Oblast by income: analysis based on the State Budget project

The Government submitted to the Parliament the project of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2023

The finance department of the Lviv regional government analyzed the main budget indicators for the Lviv region, in particular in the part of budget revenues

“For the calculation of subsidies to local budgets, the Ministry of Finance took into account the expected revenues of 2022. But, instead, the Cabinet of Ministers abandoned the idea of ​​exempting the military from paying personal income tax (this is significant: as of September 1, the share of this personal income tax in the total tax revenues of our region is 31%). Therefore, the volume of the basic subsidy (funds from the state budget to local governments to equalize tax capacity) for the Lviv Oblast is set at the level of UAH 1.619 billion (for comparison, this year’s amount is UAH 1.130 billion),” explains the director of the finance department of Lviv Oblast.

“The reverse subsidy (funds to the state budget from richer local budgets) is calculated in the amount of UAH 2.635 billion (this year’s amount is UAH 873 million). Considering that the volume of the reverse subsidy exceeds the volume of the basic subsidy, in terms of equalizing tax capacity, Lviv Oblast should become a “donor” of other regions of Ukraine (by the way, for the first time),” Oleg Demkiv added.

Among other important things related to income: the share of personal income tax credits to territorial communities remains unchanged at 64%; taxation of produced and imported fuel with excise tax is also restored.

“We expect that the indicators of interbudgetary transfers are not yet final. After all, the change in the number of residents by region due to displaced persons has not yet been taken into account (for Lviv Oblast, this is quite a factor). We plan to promptly inform about all changes,” the department notes.

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