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The budget of the Yavoriv district was exceeded by almost 40 percent

Інформація про виконання бюджету Яворівського району за січень

For 5 months of 2023, the consolidated budget of the Yavoriv district received revenues (not including inter-budgetary transfers) in the amount of 1440052.1 thousand. UAH., with the plan 1034338.1 thousand UAH., or implementation is 139.2%, including: to the general fund – 1402986.3 thousand UAH., with the plan 1007181.2 thousand UAH., or 139, 3%, that is, UAH 395,805.1 thousand was additionally mobilized over the plan. income The special fund received UAH 37,065.9 thousand, against the plan of UAH 27,156.9 thousand, or the plan of receipts to the special fund was fulfilled by 136.5%.

To the district budget as of June 1. In 2023, 86,000 hryvnias were received, against the plan of 137,600 hryvnias, or implementation is 62.5%. Including: the general fund of the budget received 67.9 thousand UAH, while the plan was 116.8 thousand UAH, or the implementation is 58.1%, that is, the amount of uncollected income – 48.9 thousand UAH. The special fund received 18.2 thousand hryvnias, against the plan of 20.8 thousand hryvnias, or implementation is 87.2%.

In general, among the local councils, the Novoyavoriv City Council coped best with filling the budget, in which the general budget fund received 180.4% of the planned amount of income for June 1, 2023, or UAH 202,629.1 thousand was additionally mobilized over the plan . income 133.2% of the plan for June 1, 2023, or 156,068.4 thousand hryvnias was additionally mobilized to the general fund of the Yavoriv City Council budget. The budget of the Mostyska City Council received 124.0% of the planned revenues, or UAH 12,678.3 thousand. more than the plan for the reporting period. 121.6% of planned revenues for the reporting period, or 3,202.6 thousand hryvnias, came to the budget of Sudovyshnya City Council. over plan 116.9% of the planned revenue for June 1, 2023, or UAH 5,885,000, came to the budget of the Shegynivska Village Council. over plan To the Ivano-Frankivsk settlement budget – 108.5% of the planned allocations, or UAH 15,390.6 thousand. over plan

Revenues to the special budget fund in Ivano-Frankivsk settlement council exceeded planned allocations by 4.3 times, in Yavorivsk city council by 2.6 times. Receipts to the special fund of the Novoyavoriv city budget for January – May 2023 amounted to 242.1% of the planned amount, to the Sudovovyshnya city budget – 115.3%, to the Shegynivsky settlement – 108.0%, and to the Mostysky city budget – 102.8%.

As of June 1, 2023, there is no creditor debt for wages and other social payments from the local budget in the Yavoriv district. Financing of all priority current expenses was carried out in accordance with monthly schedules of allocations.

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