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The local budgets of the Lviv Oblast were exceeded by 466 million hryvnias

In January – November 2023, the general fund of local budgets of the Lviv region received UAH 30.7 billion in taxes.

Of them, UAH 4.9 billion goes to the regional budget. The 11-month plan for the region was exceeded by 1.5%, according to the regional budget – by 3.6%. A total of UAH 466 million was mobilized above the plan. The level of implementation of annual planned indicators in the region is 94%, according to the regional budget – 96%.

This is reported in the finance department of the Lviv OVA.

“As expected, the performance of planned tasks and the dynamics compared to last year in terms of local budget revenues have noticeably worsened on December 1. This is due to the fact that the tax on the incomes of individuals from the military, which in October-November still went to local budgets, has been fully transferred to the state budget. In general, on November 27, more than UAH 1 billion was transferred from all budgets of the Lviv region to the state budget.

Compared to the corresponding period of 2022, the revenues for the region increased by 15%, according to the regional budget – by 10%.

To the state budget, the payers of Lviv Oblast transferred UAH 89.3 billion, which is UAH 19.6 billion or 28% more compared to the corresponding period last year,” the specialized department reported.

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