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Revenues from personal income tax to the regional budget increased by 9% in 11 months

In the sectoral breakdown, the largest share of paid personal income tax came from the spheres of defense, state administration and social insurance – 38%.

At the same time, compared to the corresponding period last year, the share of defense and state administration decreased by 5 percentage points, and the amount of tax paid – by 3%.

However, the total increase in personal income tax receipts in the region is 9%. As noted in the finance department of the Lviv Oblast, this is due to the withdrawal of personal income tax from the salaries of the military to the state budget in full.

The following industries can be called the leaders in the dynamics of the transferred tax: transactions with real estate – +66%, public, trade union, religious organizations – +60%, natural persons, mainly entrepreneurs, – +44%, information and telecommunications – +27%, trade – +26%.

Positive, albeit insignificant, dynamics were demonstrated: extractive industry – +2%, education – +3%, rent, employment, tourism – +5%, supply of electricity, gas and steam – +6%, processing industry – +11%, trade – +9%.

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