Про податки

During the week, 98.3 million hryvnias were allocated from the regional budget

The largest part of the funds was directed to the payment of salaries in regional institutions of the Lviv region.

During the week, UAH 98.3 million was allocated from the regional budget. Funds were directed to:

  • road repair – UAH 11.6 million,
  • repair of dormitories for internally displaced persons – UAH 4.6 million,
  • rehabilitation of students of educational institutions (orphans and internally displaced children) – UAH 2.7 million,
  • support and development of agriculture – UAH 1.7 thousand,
  • financial support of “Pershiy Zahidny” TRC – UAH 1 million,
  • provision of one-time targeted assistance to low-income citizens of the region at their request
  • to the head and deputies of the regional council – UAH 0.9 million,
  • compensatory payments for preferential travel of certain categories of citizens on the railway and
    passenger transport – 0.3 million hryvnias.

In addition, UAH 55.5 million was allocated to the payment of salaries in institutions of regional subordination, scholarships – UAH 6.6 million, the purchase of medicines and food products by educational, medical institutions and institutions of social protection of the population of regional subordination – UAH 4.5 million, payment communal services – 5.7 million hryvnias, priority expenses for current maintenance of institutions – 3.2 million hryvnias.

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