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10 Lviv schools raise UAH 1.9 million on City Day to buy 154 FPV drones

On the occasion of the City Day, Lviv schoolchildren, together with their parents and teachers, held 10 charity fairs to raise UAH 1.9 million for drones for the military.

Today, these drones have already been handed over to combat units and will soon be operating at the frontline.

“Our educational community held a big event on the occasion of the City Day – school fairs were held in different locations of the city. At these fairs, children raised almost 2 million hryvnias, which were used to purchase these 154 FPV drones.

It is very valuable that our children set an example for adults how to believe in our victory and help our defenders bring it closer,” said Andriy Zakalyuk, Head of the Education Department of Lviv City Council.

“Together with other schools, we held a big fair where we sold various delicacies, children’s drawings and crafts, conducted a quest, painted face paint, and organised a concert. We prepared carefully because we knew we were raising money for the military,” said Victoria, a ninth-grader at School No. 40.

Solomiya, a second-grader, and Justyna, a fourth-grader from school No. 49, also participated in the fair because they wanted to raise money for the soldiers. Solomiya sold her toys that she no longer plays with, and Justyna sold goodies she baked with her family and bracelets she wove with her own hands.

“It’s important to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine now, so it was important to try our best, to make something with our own hands, to attract customers to raise more money for the military. I think it was nice for the Armed Forces that we did our best for them,” the girls say.

Today, the purchased FPV drones were handed over to the airborne assault brigades.

“The 80th Brigade is sincerely grateful to the children, teachers and everyone who contributed to this collection. Drones are very much needed at the front, they help our soldiers perform combat missions and drive the occupiers out of our land,” said Roman, a soldier with the 80th separate air assault brigade.

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