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An elevator door operated by a private company trapped a woman’s legs: the victim is being examined by doctors

According to the Frankivsk district administration, today, at about 15:30, an elderly woman, aged 74, was trapped in an elevator door at 61 Volodymyr Velykyi Street. The victim was hospitalized.

A commission is working at the scene to determine the causes of the elevator malfunction.
“The building at 61 Volodymyr Velykyi Street is a 9-storey building that is not serviced by the city management company, but is a building of a housing cooperative. This elevator is serviced by the private entrepreneur Bogonos.

The commission is currently investigating why the woman’s legs were trapped. A preliminary inspection showed that all parts of the elevator were in good condition. Therefore, it is not yet known what caused the incident.

The victim was hospitalized at St. Luke’s Hospital and is receiving all the necessary medical care. There is no threat to her life, but her condition is serious,” the Frankivsk District Administration reported.

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