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In Lviv Oblast, since the beginning of the war, 5.4 million hot portions have been prepared for the displaced

Since February, the organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) started working in Ukraine, which feeds tens of thousands of Ukrainians every day. During this time, it was possible to prepare 90 million hot meals and about two million food kits for temporarily displaced persons, as well as in places where it is extremely necessary.

The results of WCK’s work in partnership with Lviv OVA were gathered today, July 15, during a briefing in the Media Center.

“For us, food is a moment of positive attitude towards people. We strive for people to feel our support and put much more into it than just the first or main course. About ourselves, we call a warm portion a “plate of hope”, – noted Yuliya Stefanyuk, head of the WCK program in Ukraine. She noted that today the World Central Kitchen team in Ukraine employs 5,000 people.

Natalya Tabaka, head of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Lviv OVA, expressed her gratitude to the WCK organization, thanks to which it was possible to prepare the lion’s share of hot meals for the displaced people in the Lviv region.

“As of today, 5.4 million portions have been provided. About 90% thanks to the financial support of WCK. I also want to thank the local businesses that helped feed people from the first days of the full-scale invasion.

These are about 50 entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, chefs who joined together with local food producers, retail chains and volunteers who delivered food.

Before the war, the Lviv region was a hospitable territory that welcomed tourists. Today, we continue to accept forced tourists who came to us against their will, and we will do everything to provide food to those who need it,” Natalya Tabaka emphasized.

She also added that the total amount of food since the beginning of the war, organized by the regional military administration in cooperation with partners to provide IDPs in educational institutions and sanatoriums, is about 250 tons.

The full version of the briefing is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83jnM6bUny8

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