Стислий огляд подій

A woman was bitten by a snake while picking mushrooms in Stryshchyna

On October 12, at 21:00, the Rescue Service “101” received a message that a woman, born in 1956, a resident of the village of Prosthetics of the Stryi district.

The event happened while picking mushrooms in the forest. The condition of the victim is satisfactory.

The head office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region warns the residents of the region to be careful and attentive when going into the forest or nature.

If you accidentally see a reptile next to you, do not panic, do not approach or make sudden movements, but calmly move away.

Reptiles have poor vision and hearing, but with their body they very well pick up the vibrations of the ground at a distance of 10-15 meters.

Be careful in places where you can meet reptiles: tall grass, bushes, forest. When going into the forest, it is better to wear high, tight shoes that will not be bitten by a snake.

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