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Rescuers are sounding the alarm – the number of fires in Drohobychchyna has increased due to arson from dry land

Every year, with the onset of fine spring days, the number of fires increases, both in private areas and in forests and fields. Dry grass, leaves, bushes, reeds and garbage are burned.

According to Roman Hudyk, deputy head of the Drohobytsky district administration – head of the preventive work department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region, 30 fires broke out in the territory of the Drohobytskyi district during February. The number of fires has increased especially in the last two weeks – with the onset of warm days.

The largest number of fires was recorded in Boryslavsk community – 11, Drohobytsk territorial community – 10, Truskavetsk – 7, the rest – in Medenychy, Skhidnytsia and other settlements.

Taking into account the growing number of fires in ecosystems, the Drohobych district administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region created four raid groups that monitor the situation regarding fires in Drohobych region and identify violators.

Yes, these days, according to Roman Hudyk, 7 administrative fines have been imposed on people with dry skin.

In the work of raid groups, emergency workers involve both personnel (9 people work in each group) and unmanned aerial vehicles that help monitor the situation in open areas and detect fires.

In the Drohobytsky territorial community, fires are most often recorded in the area of Nalivayka and Konovaltsia streets, as well as within the boundaries of the villages of Bolehivtsi, Ranevichi, Lishnya and others.

During the raids, we not only monitor the situation regarding fires and identify piles, but in parallel with the local population, we hold preventive conversations about the damage to the environment caused by fires. We also distribute relevant information booklets, added Roman Hudyk.

The rescuers claim that the smoke entering the air from dry burning contains dioxins, benzopyrenes, carcerogenic compounds, and carbon monoxide. People who often breathe polluted air can suffer from bronchitis, asthma, and tonsillitis. The risk of cancer also increases. Animals and birds suffer from fires in ecosystems.

Emergency officials remind that setting fire to dry grass is punishable by law in the form of a fine: for citizens from UAH 3,060 to UAH 6,120, for officials from UAH 15,300 to UAH 21,420.

What to do if you witness a grass fire?

– In case of detection of burning of dry grass or bushes, call “101”;

– call the police to the scene (102). Law enforcement officers must come and record violations of the law;

– take a photo of the violation.

And remember – dry grass and branches should not be burned, but buried. In this way, the environment and everything living around will not suffer.

Photo – State Emergency Service of Ukraine



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